Advantages of the site

  1. Client confidentiality policy.

The Pharmstyle company pays a great attention to the protection of personal information of its visitors and users. This Privacy Policy applies to all users of the site, including unregistered visitors, registered users and regular customers. We agree that you should be able to control your Personal Information. According to international legislation in the field of privacy and protection of personal information you have the opportunity to request an access to your personal information, get a copy of it, change, correct your personal information, delete it or restrict its use. Information about the client is not disclosed.

  1. Friendly customer service.

Our company tries to work positively with all customers, respond to messages in messengers to users’ questions, pay attention to their desires and capabilities, and also be polite in any situation.

  1. Fast delivery.

The company Pharmstyle carries out the shipment of goods from 2 to 4 working days from the date of receipt of the order and its payment. We work for the benefit of the client.

  1. Individual approach to each client.

We try to find a common language with each client, so we always evaluate the situation in your favor. For us, the client is a part of our team.