How to care for the skin of the body properly , the basic rules for preserving the health and elasticity of the skin. Timely skin care can give youth and beauty for many years. However, most often daily procedures are directed only to the person. To maintain the resilience and health of the skin, due attention must be paid to the whole body. Hands, legs, back, neck and neckline also need timely thoughtful care. Consider the rules for caring for these parts of the body.

 Neck To avoid premature aging and flabby skin, it is very important to start competent care in a timely manner. Lack of care with the use of special means will lead to a loss of its tone and weaning. This is fraught with early wrinkles and the presence of a second chin.

Deckolte needs daily quality humidification. To do this, use: nutritional creams; serums; oils from natural components. The main advantage will be the presence of hyaluronic acid and vitamins in them. You need to apply the means with soft movements with your fingertips. To tone the skin at home, it is better to use frozen ice cubes. They can consist of a decoction of natural components. Cold massage will improve blood circulation and hide noticeable stretch lines.

Back Monitor skin health on the back is problematic. Due to the location, this place is difficult to clean, which is fraught with inflammatory processes. Body Cream Oil Nutritional Spin has coarser cells that need to be eliminated by stiff peeling. These may be abrasive scrubs using coarse washers. Additionally, you can look after your back with a dry brush massage.